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Issue 2767433002: [WIP] Start using /list_tests to populate subtest menus in test-picker

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1 week ago by eakuefner
4 days, 6 hours ago
sullivan, shatch
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[WIP] Start using /list_tests to populate subtest menus in test-picker

Patch Set 1 #

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Patch Set 2 : saner approach #

Patch Set 3 : working except for cleanup; need to port tests. #

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M dashboard/dashboard/elements/test-picker.html View 1 2 9 chunks +89 lines, -102 lines 0 comments Download
M dashboard/dashboard/elements/test-picker-test.html View 1 2 1 chunk +4 lines, -1 line 0 comments Download
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Wanted to upload my partial progress here. It almost works. Question: we don't currently have ...
1 week ago (2017-03-20 23:47:11 UTC) #2
On 2017/03/20 23:47:11, eakuefner wrote: > Wanted to upload my partial progress here. It almost ...
6 days, 21 hours ago (2017-03-21 13:08:38 UTC) #3
Overall this looks good but: * Do you have a plan for testing? * The ...
6 days, 20 hours ago (2017-03-21 13:24:24 UTC) #4
Not super familiar with js async/await, they look kinda neat though. Remind me of the ...
6 days, 16 hours ago (2017-03-21 17:48:02 UTC) #5
shatch File dashboard/dashboard/elements/test-picker.html (right): dashboard/dashboard/elements/test-picker.html:303: updateSubtestMenus: async function(startIndex) { Just for record-keeping since we ...
5 days, 16 hours ago (2017-03-22 17:10:13 UTC) #6
4 days, 11 hours ago (2017-03-23 22:57:38 UTC) #7
Just to update, I think I've got the basic structure down finally, and I just
need to go through and do a long list of small stuff (need to mangle the
response from /list_tests a little bit, need to implement some small helpers,
etc.). Because I'm using the pattern that I describe in, I expect to be able to
port the tests pretty straightforwardly as well, not to mention being able to
get rid of the xhr mocks from the tests.

As to Simon's point about what happens if the user interacts while the update is
in progress, I also want to implement cancellation but I think that might be
able to be a property of the memoization table. In particular, I'm thinking that
rather than adding simple_xhr.asPromise directly to the map, we instead should
be able to Promise.race() that promise with another one that listens for a call
to a cancel method. I might not wait to implement that bit to seek more
feedback. But anyway, stay tuned.
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